Get To Know The Only Presidencial Candidate Woman Her Excellency Fowzia Yusuf H Adam Qabile.

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    Get To Know The Only Presidencial Candidate Woman Her Excellency Fowzia Yusuf H Adam Qabile.

    Born in Somaliland, Fowzia spent her high school and college years in Sudan where her father led a diplomatic mission.

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Born in Somaliland, Fowzia spent her high school and college years in Sudan where her father led a diplomatic mission.
 She followed in her father’s footsteps and became a diplomat. While working for the Somali Embassy in Washington D.C., she simultaneously continued her education at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), completing her master’s degree in International Public Policy in 1979.

Adam bade farewell to diplomacy at a time when a territorial conflict called the Puntland-Somaliland dispute erupted in 1998. As an officer at the UN Economic Commission for Africa, she closely monitored the dispute, which eventually morphed into a full-blown endless war between the two sides. 

Adam believed that she could contribute to the development of her beloved country with the NGO called SOMAID, which she had founded back in the early 1990s for education purposes.

Amid this conflict, the bombing of one of the NGO’s centres became a turning point for her to get back to her hometown. The hope of doing something for her country was spurring her. Ultimately, she made one of the essential initiatives for her country by single-handedly establishing the Hargeisa University in 2000. She became the university’s first chancellor for five years. Later, she became one of the CEOs of the RAAD TV channel which was created to broadcast Somalia’s different angle to the world. Adam aspired to contribute to the progress of her country by doing everything she could.

But, returning to Somaliland was not an easy decision. Her husband was ill and later passed away. It also meant being separated from her children who were in the UK at that time. 

Adam’s active political role was triggered by the political and armed conflicts in Somaliland. She started to become aware of an urgent need for change. Therefore, she formed a political party called NBD (Peace, Democracy and Prosperity Party) and ran for president in Somaliland in 2010. But her party was delisted by the then President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo. 

■ Her appointment Of Foreign Minister and then Deputy Prime Minister.

In 2012, when Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was elected as Somalia’s president, Adam made history by becoming the country’s first woman Foreign Minister and then Deputy Prime Minister. 

The appointment of Adam was a brave move made by the fledgling government, defying the country’s patriarchal and conservative attitudes. 

However, being a woman in that position brought multiple challenges as her leadership was questioned because of gender taboo.

Looking back, she remembers that all those difficulties made her more powerful.

■ Establishing University Of Hargaisa 

In 2000, she founded the University of Hargeisa, the first ever in Somaliland. Thousands of young Somaliland boys and girls have graduated from this university and are helping drive forward Somaliland and other parts of the world. 

She established the university with her own money, time and effort at a time when there was a desperate need for an institution of higher learning in Hargeisa.

■ Overcoming The Clan-System

What if the 4.5 based clan system overshadows Fowzia’s presidential ambitions? She admits that the system functions unfairly but for her, it is not completely decisive. 

Simply put, the 4.5 system means the division of the Somali population into five groups along clan lines. Four of the five groups are the main clans, whereas the fifth group comprises all other clans and peoples not covered by the first four groups. This coalition group is worth half the value of each of the other four groups in terms of political representation. 

Although Fowzia is very hopeful for the elections, she affirmed that no result will be a loss for her.



Author: Liban Mohamed Ali

Sources: Trt world,Wikipedia e.t.c

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